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Cre8con 2011 Afternoon Recap

Well I don’t know about you but I am exhausted, inspired, but exhausted.The afternoon started with a surprise, the Last Regiment of Syncopated Drummers got us started off on the right foot and ready for some inspirational talks.

Here are some of the highlights from this afternoon:

Jim Kouf – Screenwriter (National Treasure, Rush Hour, Stakeout), Producer (Con Air, Ghost Whisperer, Angel, Grimm)

David Greenwalt – Producer (X-Files, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Eureka, Grimm), Writer (Wonder Years, X-Files, Buffy, Miracles, Angel, Grimm)

“Delegate, delegate, delegate and go home early” – Jim

Talking about how to counter writers block – “Partner with story writing machine!” – David

Jelly Helm – Founder, Jelly Helm Studios

Two basic questions: “What is your deep story? How is it most powerfully expressed?”

Love Based Economy – “If you love something, do something about it. Become an abundance machine.”

Courtney Taylor-Taylor – Singer/Songwriter, Founder of The Dandy Warhols

Universal creative mantra – “Just make cool stuff!”

Talking about what you should make, make the stuff that you like – “If you like it, someone else will. You’re not that weird”.

Irene Taylor Brodsky – Documentary Director, Saving Pelican 895, Hear & Now

Peter Richardson – Documentary Director, How to Die in Oregon

“I wouldn’t call myself an activist but I activist but I wouldn’t make a film unless I cared about the subject.” – Irene

Talking about hanging in there when it gets tough to go forward – “Believe in yourself or at least have the sense of guilt that you would regret it if you don’t do it.” – Peter

Robyn Tenenbaum – Co-Creator & Executive Producer, Live Wire! Radio

Courtenay Hameister – Head Writer & Host, Live Wire! Radio

“If you think you are in a rut, you probably are” – Robyn

“Collaborate with people who are so good it scares you a little. You will get better.” – Courtenay

It has been an amazing day and an amazing conference. A huge thank you to everyone who spoke today and to everyone who participated!



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Naomi Pomeroy - Speaker Cre8Con 2011
Rob Legato - Speaker Cre8con 2011
The lead singer and guitarist of alternative rock band The Dandy Warhols - Courtney Taylor-Taylor
Robyn Tenenbaum - Speaker Cre8con 2011


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