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The Buzz is Building!

The Tweets are Twittering, the bloggers are blogging, and the buzz is building, but the wait is nearly over! Of course we’re all getting excited about this year’s Portland Creative Conference. (Saturday the 12th) And why wouldn’t we be! It’s such an amazing and eclectic mix of talent, it’s guaranteed to get your creative juices surging. I mean, have you seen our speaker list!

Where else can you see a living advertising legend like Dan Wieden share the stage with a rockin’ world-class poster artist like Emek?

Animation fans are snapping up tickets to meet Bill Oakley of The Simpson’s fame and Teresa Drilling . . . think Coraline, Wallace & Gromit, and Chicken Run, to name a few.

Adding to the energy will be best-selling novelist Larry Brooks and documentary filmmaker Jen Jako, owner of hotshot architecture firm, Fix Studio. Plus you’ll see cutting-edge brand-builder, Jerry Ketel (who also happens to be the president of the Portland Advertising Federation).

And if the improv group, On Your Feet, is only half as funny as they were last year, expect to still be laughing long after it’s over.

Rick Emerson, edgy radio guy from KUFO, will be tying things together as Emcee and everyone’s invited to stick around and rub elbows at the wrap party afterwards. There’ll be dancin’ in the streets!

As if you needed any more incentive to be there, don’t forget this: thanks to our non-profit fiscal agent, Keeping the Beat, part of the event proceeds goes to help support art education in our public schools.

If you haven’t already bought your ticket, (and if not, why ever not?) time is of the essence. OK, enough ranting. See you there!

About Sharon Rockey

Freelance writer, Ghostwriter. Formerly from the San Francisco Bay Area, I first came to Portland in 1998 to cover the Portland Creative Conference for a Bay Area new media publication. I became such an enthusiastic fan of the event, I came back every year and finally moved up permanently in 2001.


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Naomi Pomeroy - Speaker Cre8Con 2011
Rob Legato - Speaker Cre8con 2011
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Robyn Tenenbaum - Speaker Cre8con 2011


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