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The new Creative Conference is a go!

Great news! At the Creative Conference meeting yesterday we reached consensus for moving forward.

The primary driver is that after a generous pledge of individual financial support by the new planning group (made up of several Board members and volunteers from the original Creative Conference along with some new blood), along with sponsorship commitments from the Oregon Media Production Association and Greger Peterson Associates, we have the funds we need to put the deposit down to hold the venue for a September 6th design-focused conference in conjunction with Inverge: the interactive convergence conference, happening on Sept. 4+5.

The next steps include committee meetings for sponsorship, program and marketing.

Thanks to everyone who has agreed to help bootstrap the event so far.  We will need a lot of additional financial support to make it happen with the same quality of the previous event, but we are off to a great start and I am confident that we have the momentum we need to pull it off.


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